Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting my website. By visiting my website you should know that I don’t collect any personal information from you. I only info I collect is information that was submitted by your personal on my website (such as the contact us form). This is a construction business and you should assume the information you provide me will be used to enhance my business.

I won’t email you or bother you via phone or email unless you request a call back, email, or I notify you 24hrs in advance. You should know that your local IP address maybe collected from my hosting company (hits/traffic details), however, I do not use this information except to view the amount of traffic to my website. I reserve the right to sell advertising on the site or other methods as well.

Thanks again for visiting my website and agreeing to my privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding the site or my business let us know. Any concerns regarding your privacy feel free to contact me via the form on the website anytime.

Appreciate it.

– Mike Asimos Owner

166 Hainsworth Dr.
North Charleston, SC 29418

Privacy Policy