Mike Asimos New Kitchen Updates

We’ve been working hard lately and finished up a new kitchen project.  I’m including some of the photos of the project below.  We’ve spent several weeks on the project and excited to wrap up this project.  It was a complicated construction project and was a whole kitchen replacement.  We did the floors, walls, and countertops to name a few of the elements of the construction project.

We went through several revisions on the project plans.  The customer made a few changes mid project that set us back on the painting and countertops.  We were happy to make the changes for the customer, however, at the end of the day we want the customer to be happy and satisfied.  We are a business of referrals and that is how we find most of our construction projects.

We did a lot for the project below.  First, the green paint was the customers decision.  He was very passionate about it and may have had some influence from his wife.  We are here to make the dreams come true and provide options – not to give our opinion on colors.  That is the customer choice.  We used a white tile backsplash around the sink wall and white for the cabinets.  The floor was rotten so we had to replace some wood underneath.  We add hardwood flooring and it’s all nice and level now.  They have several dogs in the household so they were extremely excited to have the ability to easily sweep or vacuum the pet hair.

We replace the lighting to their choosing and added some throw pillows and decorations so we could get you this lovely photograph of the final kitchen project completed.  Enjoy!  You can view more of our Mike Asimos Contruction Projects here.

Kitchen remodeling project SC