Mike’s new hiking gear

It’s about that time I updated some of my hiking gear. As you know probably from a few posts on this site and some other blogs I started before, I love hiking. I really enjoy the outdoors and everything related to that. It can include big trucks, fishing, hiking, and camping just to name a few of my favorite activities.

Some of the gear I have been using is over 7 years old now and since I go out a lot for hikes and camping, it really is getting beat up and old at this point. The first item I replaced is my backpack. It’s the biggest expense out of the everything. I usually go big on my backpacks because some of my hikes can take days to discover. I went over the REI and found one I liked. It has many of the features I like with my current version plus some new features I been wanting like more pockets, lighter, and fast zippers. It also had to be waterproof. It’s no always sunny around here so that was a must as well. The backpack was about $180 dollars. I haven’t told the Wife yet so if I stop posting a few days either our Internet wasn’t paid or I’ve been kicked out of the house. Just kidding (kinda).

The other items I updated were much smaller purchases. I needed a new water bottle, ropes, and clamps. I’m planning some steeper hikes this year which may go off road so best to be prepared on that. Lastly, I got a heavy pair of socks, blanket, some extra propane for the stove.

I should be set and ready to go for the rest of the year. Got a question you want to ask me (Mike Asimos) send me an email and I will reply right away (unless I’m hiking).

All the best until next time my friends
Mike Asimos

Considering a new job internship

I have about a year left on my environmental sciences degree. It’s been a struggle from a stress perspective, family, financial, and eventually the unknown aspect of if I will even be able to find a job when all this is done. I’m excited and my family supports me on finishing the degree, however, it’s been a real struggle. There is one aspect of myself that I take pride in and that is when I start a project I always finish it.

I have been searching for some kind of job related to my field for about a year now. I plan is just to get anything in the field to gain experience. I really don’t care about how much they are paying or if it’s part time… I just want to get in the door and start the process. The money and experience will come with time. I was offered a position (unpaid) in my town and I’m considering the offer. The problem is that with the new move and house we have to make sure we’re bring in enough to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table. It’s just hard right now and I’m unsure about the position and where I go from here. The Wife would like me to see if I can arrange a part time position with them maybe later in the day or even just weekends. She makes a good point and I will most likely go that route since it’s unpaid and loosely related to my field. The most important thing in my opinion is to get in the door as soon as possible. I don’t want to just wait until I finish my degree then start the process of looking and hunting a new job in hopes something big turns up.

I will let you know how it goes and if I decide to take the position.
Until next time my friends
– Mike Asimos

Cleaning my garage project for the move

As you know from a previous post, we are in the middle of moving into a new house right now. The whole Asimos family is really excite about this new change. We are going to have a lot of more space and bigger yard for the dog. The Wife will get a bigger closet to buy more close and my garage will be bigger as well. Todays tasks, however, is to tackle my garage and get it ready to go. It’s a complete mess right now and use by the whole family for storage mostly. With the new move, I’m hoping to keep this area clean and it will become MY man cave. The Wifie is ok with this but I’m not sure she understands that all this stuff in the garage is not going to be put back in there. As you can see from the photo below I took, we have a lot of junk and I hope this move forces us to go through it and throw a lot of it out. I don’t want to see it in my new man cave.

So what do I have planned for the new Mike Asimos man cave you ask? Well I hope to have a TV, couch, mini refrigerator, and a pool table as a minimum. It may take a while to get all these items but that is the long term goal on my area.

We will see how this turns out – wish me luck!
Until next time my friends
– Mike Asimos

My garage cleaning up by Mike Asimos

My new diet for the family

So even though I do a lot of hiking and travel, I can admit I have a little belly. My eating habits are not the best so the family (my wife) is getting on me about a new diet. She is really big on fitness and works out a lot. We’re talking about just eating better. She wants us to have a normal dinner every night with whole natural foods. It does sound good to me honestly. I enjoy just about all foods especially ones I don’t have to cook! My Wife is a great cook and that’s one of the things I truly love about her.

So that is the family plan to get me in better shape. I may mix in more exercise but at this time it’s just cleaning up my bad eating habits. With my regular hikes and walking the dog on a daily basis I should have enough exercise in my days.

PS: For those who emailed me and asked about the diet… It is a what I would consider a Paleo Diet. It includes just eating more natural and cleaner foods. I will let you know next month if I lose any weight on the diet.

Until next time my friends
– Mike Asimos

My Paleo Diet Mike Asimos

My Paleo Diet Mike Asimos

Moving into our new home

I have finally saved enough to buy a new home. The papers are signed and next month my Wife and Daughter will be packing our things and making the move. Moving is really hard on me. In fact, I still have boxes I haven’t unpacked from our last move. I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle and I’m also traveling a lot so for that reason it’s just hard to get motivated to really get into the moving mode. My Wife, however, is really great about it. She is all about this new home purchase and I’m really just doing it because of her honestly. If it wasn’t for her, I probably would stay where I’m living forever. I can’t blame her she is looking forward to the white picket fence and regular family dinners. I’m including some photos below of the new Asimos family house.

Mike Asimos New Home

Welcome 1st Post Mike Asimos

Thanks for visiting my new website.  My name is Mike Asimos and I appreciate your visit.  This is my personal website so you’ll find all my personal thoughts and adventures here.  I hope to really share my photos and experiences as they develop.  The purpose of the site is really to share my thoughts, stay in touch with family, and hopefully meet some new people online.

If you’ve read any of my other stuff online, I do have a Grateful Dead collection and enjoy hiking.  My collection is actually one of largest I believe and I’ve even received some media coverage on it (interviewed).  It is something that was passed down to me by my father and I’ve continued to grow the collection over the years.

Thanks – Mike Asimos

Mike Asimos

Hiking photo after a long day. Mike Asimos