Mike’s new hiking gear

It’s about that time I updated some of my hiking gear. As you know probably from a few posts on this site and some other blogs I started before, I love hiking. I really enjoy the outdoors and everything related to that. It can include big trucks, fishing, hiking, and camping just to name a few of my favorite activities.

Some of the gear I have been using is over 7 years old now and since I go out a lot for hikes and camping, it really is getting beat up and old at this point. The first item I replaced is my backpack. It’s the biggest expense out of the everything. I usually go big on my backpacks because some of my hikes can take days to discover. I went over the REI and found one I liked. It has many of the features I like with my current version plus some new features I been wanting like more pockets, lighter, and fast zippers. It also had to be waterproof. It’s no always sunny around here so that was a must as well. The backpack was about $180 dollars. I haven’t told the Wife yet so if I stop posting a few days either our Internet wasn’t paid or I’ve been kicked out of the house. Just kidding (kinda).

The other items I updated were much smaller purchases. I needed a new water bottle, ropes, and clamps. I’m planning some steeper hikes this year which may go off road so best to be prepared on that. Lastly, I got a heavy pair of socks, blanket, some extra propane for the stove.

I should be set and ready to go for the rest of the year. Got a question you want to ask me (Mike Asimos) send me an email and I will reply right away (unless I’m hiking).

All the best until next time my friends
Mike Asimos

Favorite Hiking Spots By Mike Asimos

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. Over the years I have hiked just about every state with an exception of a few. Below you’ll find my most favorite hiking locations.

Mont Blanc – This hiking and cycling location is considered the rooftop of Europe. It is an amazing adventure if you haven’t done it before. It’s a big hike just so you know. If you take your time, you’re looking at a good 7-10 days going up. I’ve done it in 3 however at a very fast pace.

John Muir Trail – This trail is located in California. It’s length is 195 miles and rugged to say the least. If you actually make it to the top, you have done an amazing job.

Te Araroa Trail – New Zealand has some great hiking spots but this one is probably my favorite. This hike is not for the faint of heart. You’re looking at a good 26 days covering a lot of the New Zealand landscape. The best time to do this hike is October to at most April I would say.

There you have it my top 3 hiking locations.

Mike Asimos on top of the mountain.  My last hiking adventure

Mike Asimos on top of the mountain. My last hiking adventure