Thanks for reading more about me and my company Asimos Construction.  I am Mike Asimos the owner and sole proprietor.  Additional information is located on our homepage so if you need any more information check there or just give me a call.  I’m a pretty friendly guy so I’ve been told.  I take great pride in my construction work and we have hundreds of satisfied customers.  Almost all my work is done with referrals and that really says a lot about a company I believe.  The town I live in is pretty small and it’s important to me feel good about not only the work but about satisfaction and quality of service.  Your referral and review is actually more important to me than the money actually.

I love this business and get up everyday knowing that today is going to be productive.  For larger projects, my team is top notch.  I’m personally at every job so I inspect every detail.

In my personal time, I enjoy building upon my Grateful Dead collection, hiking, family, and pretty much anything outdoors.  There will be lots of information related to the outdoors (camping, rafting, hiking ect) on here.  I’m married and have two daughters of my own.  Family is very important.

I live in North Charleston, South Carolina right now and provide my construction services all over the state.  Give me a call or use our form on our website to talk about your project.