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Cross Country Trip Schedule

I have been working extremely hard lately but wanted to share by cross country road trip schedule with you. We are planning on getting an RV and travel for several months. We’ve saved up our money and continue to do so. I didn’t realize renting an RV would be so expensive but it certainly is. My wife enjoys travelling so she will be going on this trip. We are visiting some family in TX in March so we’re going to start our from there. The route may change but we’re planning on travelling to Oklahoma, Tennessee, then Georgia, and if time we stop just over the state boarder of Florida. What we typically do is visit all the main parks then if time we’ll Google many of historic landmarks in that specific area. That way when the trip if over we actually say we’ve been to many of the landmarks of the state. As compared to just saying we walked around the town and ate at a burger joint. On the topic of good burgers, I’m always on the search for the best one. I’m starting to think that there isn’t a perfect burger though and the search will always be just that – a continued search.

I’m very excited about our family trip. I think these are the things you remember growing up with your family. I know when I was growing up my Father and Mother would always do road trips. Even though I wasn’t a big fan back then, those are the memories that I cherish the most now. I remember packing our goods up in the cooler and my Father figuring our the right path to travel while avoiding all the snow on the road. We had a big uncomfortable truck (hurt after a while) but it’s one of the most cherished memories of my Father now.

Our trip will be much more comfortable then the truck we used to have. In fact, we’ll be sleeping on it so it must be that way. We have several big coolers which we’ll use for our food and water along the way. We’ve budgeted in some Denny Restaurants along the way for breakfast and to just break up the usual eating.

Mike Asimos Family RV Trip

Thanksgiving Festivities & Life

It’s almost the end of the year and it sure has been an busy one. We’ve been through moving, cleaning out a very messy garage, family issues, construction projects, and now a planning a housewarming party in Feb 2015. I feel really got a lot accomplished this year. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner I’m sure we are going to end it with big bang. Mrs. Asimos is really excited for the holidays. Growing up she and her family really went over board for the holidays. My family growing up was really poor and very large so presents just didn’t have the same value as her. I know the importance of the holidays and I really try to go as big as we can because I know the kids really enjoy this time of year. I always try to keep them centered about life though and make sure that I always teach them the importance of the holidays (family first). It’s about family time because at the end of the day that is all we have. Physical things are nice only temporarily and family/loved ones is what life is about.

After we get through Thanksgiving, we’ll make plans to visit my Mother (out of state). I really miss not having her locally but we make sure to visit several times a year. We also talk about once a week. It’s very important to me to visit her and reconnect. The visit consist of lots of food and lots of pictures. She is just starting to use the Internet so every once in a while I will get a random email from her.

Our younger one is preparing his Xmas list to send to Santa right now. He’s been working on it for about a week now in preparation. I think he mentioned an Xbox One or a new Iphone 6. Kids are so spoiled these days and a lot of it probably has to do with his peers at school. None the less, I’m sure Santa will be able to take care of one of those items at his toy building center.

For me, I would like a CD of some jazz or soul. Maybe a box of chocolates if Santa thinks I’ve been good enough this year.

Happy Holidays From the Mike Asimos Family

Housewarming Party Mike Asimos House

Mike Asimos Family Housewarming Party

We are throwing a housewarming party in Feb 2015 and would like to invite all our friends. You probably received an invite in the mail already but here is our gift registry for the party. Feel free to bring your items for the party (plates, chairs, food, cups) or just purchase one from our list at Crate and Barrel to make it easy.

Since we moved here we’ve been wanting to have all our friends over to catch-up on old times and re-connect. We are planning on music, dancing, and lots of board games. We are going to have a lot of food and I mean a lot so make sure you come over ready to eat (and take some home). It’s a big investment for us at the Mike Asimos house (hey we’re not rich) but we really want to make this successful and a great time.

To make a real success, we do need your help though and that means either bringing something, volunteering with the setup/cleanup, or anything else you can provide. If everyone just participates in some fashion, this housewarming party will be amazing for all of us. We appreciate all our friends and family and really look forward to seeing everyone in Feb 2015.

Housewarming registry link:

Mike Asimos Travel Updates For Next Year

As you all know, I am big fan of travelling. I’ve been all over the World and I’ve already started planning my next trip. For this next year I’m going to go to Asia. I’ve been to a few countries over there but this year I want to hit as many as I can. I’m thinking this trip is going to take me a month. I’m not rich or anything so my plan is to just get over there and bounce around in hostels. In Asia hostels are everywhere and incredibly cheap. This may not sound like a lot of fun to people but for me to really experience a location for a long time (like a month) it has to be this way. The only thing I hate about Asia is the heat. It’s not humid like Florida – in Asia it’s on another level of humidity. You simply haven’t experienced true humidity like it is in Asia. I love the transportation. Everything is so better connected than it is in America. It also super cheap to travel around from country to country or city to city. The food is way fresher than the USA. In fact, you don’t really have food in the house. You eat and buy your food when you’re hungry. There is no need to keep anything because when you’re hungry again, you just go to the street and buy something fresh and ready. I wish we have better street food/vendors in the USA. When I came home from Asia last time, the food is something I really missed. The freshness and it being available anytime is magical. It’s also all natural no chemicals or other preservatives are added. The seafood is caught that morning and ready to be eaten.

I mentioned the hostels and I’ve mapped out in my plan. I will start in Singapore then travel up from there into Thailand, Vietnam, and lastly Cambodia. All of these locations offer lots of hostels for cheap and food along the way as well. Trains and buses are easy to grab when needed and are affordable. One great thing about all these places is that the dollar can get you far.

For this trip the wife and kids will be home so it will be just me this time. I’m excite and will keep you all updated with lots of photos of the trip.