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Winter Time Is Here

It’s officially cold and winder time now. We typically keep the head off all summer just because it’s not needed but the last few days I have been questioning myself about finally caving in and officially turning it on. I know… but there is a small part of me that wants to keep every penny I earn instead of giving it away to the heating company.

We’ve been working on the yard to get in all ready for the winter. We clipped the trees and cleaned up a lot of leaves which have already fallen now. Our kids hate working in the yard but that is part of life in the Asimos house. We also arranged the garage to make sure everything is order. Our Halloween decorations are out and Thanksgiving decorations are standing by and ready to go after this weekend. For Halloween, we will be staying home this year and celebrating. The kids will go out briefly to grad as much candy as possible then the wife and myself will try to relax a little.

Mike Asimos Halloween House

The Asimos Halloween House Decorated. The kids helped as well…

Work as been really stressful for both of us lately but overall the family is doing well.

Mike Asimos out.