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Mike Asimos in Los Angeles

Just got back from a trip to Los Angeles. I stayed for a few weeks and took my daughter as well. It was a good Dad and Daughter weekend and we both had a blast. On one weekend we went to Disney Land. She is a little older now 12 but still had a fun day at the park. We took a lot of photos this time many of which I will upload later to my blog. Hard to say this but my little girl is getting all grown up. I remember when she was such a little girl and now she is getting so independent. It’s hard to watch as a Father.

I do love Los Angeles. From the people to all the Hollywood attractions it can be really fun. We even did the bus tour on this trip and drove by many of the celebrity homes. At home point in my life I considered living here even. I’ve noticed how all the home prices just continue to rise so even living here would be incredibly difficult. I know that our family budget sure wouldn’t work considering their rent and home ownership costs. We pay about 75% less where we live right now.

I found the people in LA to be fairly easy to talk to also. We’re all strangers in this World but meeting and listen to new people is always something I’ve enjoyed doing. We all are at different stages in our lives so I get curious talking to others and listen to them. Doesn’t matter if they are happy, sad, or even angry at life. I’ve found that everyone seems to be in a hurry in LA to get nowhere. Sure they have jobs, but most are just moving fast to do or get no where important. Life is way to short to be hustling all the time in my opinion.

I heard the news Robin Williams passed away and that was really sad. I remember growing up and watching all his movies and TV shows. He was a true talent that the World will surely miss.

Until next time – Mike Asimos is out!