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New House Looking Good (UPDATE)

As you know, we are in our new house now and loving it. We made a few updates like changing out the carpet and a few little additions in the bathrooms. Our house is really nicer than our old one. Our next big addition/change will be the kitchen but that is going to be down the road maybe a few years done the road honestly. Money is really tight right now so we need to make every penny count.

The wife is excited and continues to love the house. We go ride of a lot of garbage when we moved so that was a big deal for her. We invited our family over for dinner the other night. It was the first time they’ve seen the new updates like the carpet and they gave the approval as well. I feel much better now after the changes and the kids can play on the nice cleaned carpets forever.

I feel like things are really moving forward with our family and we have many great years ahead. Financially, we have some work to do but overall everything else is fine.

Thanks everyone
Mike Asimos

Mike Asimos New Career Plans

As you know I’m going to school to finish up my Environmental Degree and working at Barnes & Nobel on the side. It’s really a challenging time right now considering the new house and our finances. With that being said, I trying to stay the course with my degree. I know in the long run it should pay off but right now it’s really tough on us. I was sitting in bed last night thinking of maybe starting a venture on the side. Even mowing lawns on Saturdays maybe the little extra we need right now. It wouldn’t be that hard considering the community we live in. They all have really small front yards and I probably could charge $25 per yard. Maybe even do 6 yards a day! I haven’t talked to the wife about this yet but I get the sense she is aggrevated at me right now. I really am doing the best I can to make everything work.

As far the career goes, I’m trying to find something that pays more. I’m going to continue with college but as of right now I’m not sure if that is the final path and career in the end. Don’t get me wrong I love environmental sciences but at the end of the day I’m going to really need to get into something that pays really well.